All you need is 15 minutes for a power-packed workout

All you need is 15 minutes for a power-packed workout

Everyone is trying to stay at home as much as possible, and the gym would be the last place you would think of visiting right now. The catch is, you are staying at home to protect yourself and your dear ones from the pandemic, but you also know that you need to be physically active to stay in good health. It is indeed a struggle between staying safe and staying healthy.

Training at home doesn’t seem very motivating either – say workout and your mind conjures up images of you running on the treadmill, pedaling on the static bike, doing pushups, holding planks, crunches, lunges, squats and what not. You might just want to say – Hey, I don’t have that kind of time! And that might be true- because you are probably staying up late for work most nights, waking up late in the morning, rushing to the couch to start office work, and staying on that couch almost all day, grabbing quick meals and shower in between, while your gym shoes sit in a corner gathering dust. But what if you need only (yes only) 15 minutes for an effective workout? Read ahead to know more!

So here is your micro-workout:

You will need to pick 3 movements – and do two rounds of each. That should not take you more than 10 minutes. So you can spend a couple of minutes in the beginning for warming up and then another couple to cool down at the end. For example if you do 2 sets each of the following – 10 reps of squats, 10 reps of pushups, and 10 reps of slow mountain climbers, you would get 10 minutes of effective exercise.

If possible, squeeze in another 15 minutes at some other time of the day, and it will add up- you would have clocked 30 minutes of exercise with 12 sets or more of power-packed movements in a day. If you can pull this off daily, you will have at least 84 sets of these movements under your belt- that’s a lot of exercise indeed! You could choose other movements also, and alternate them with these for some variation.

The best part about these micro workouts is that you will not really need to get ready or block time on your calendar for exercise. A 15 minute session doesn’t call for much motivation either, and even 10 such sessions in a week will add up to give you better fitness levels.

Short, consistent workouts are better than long sporadic ones. A well-planned 15 minute workout with focus on the form and technique is enough to send your heart rate up, burn some calories, and build some muscle. Do ensure that you don’t skip warm up and cool down as that helps with recovery and prevents injury. Strength training, and if possible, using equipment activates deep muscles and intensifies your workouts.

Even if you have a packed schedule, you can create a small window every morning and evening, and utilize the short time wisely. See what helps you stay consistent- good music, a particular spot in the garden or living room or a workout buddy or you could just keep a mat spread near your work area as a constant reminder. It is not just about staying fit; a quick, short workout reinvigorates you and gives you a feeling of accomplishment. And there’s the added benefit of feeling good about yourself. You really don’t need much for workouts of this kind – All you need is a plan!

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