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This year – 2021 – should be about doing it, not just talking about doing it!

In the words of Walt Disney, “The Way To Get Started Is To Quit Talking And Begin Doing.”

I’m sure EVERYONE’S on the New-Year-New-Me fitness wagon. Some have signed up with a gym, a coach, or started on something…and yet many others are still sitting on the sidelines “evaluating” their many options.

But soon, the weeks will pass, and the months, people will realise they either fell off or never started.

What you need to ask yourself is – are you going to something different this year? Is your mindset in Jan 2021 going to be ANY DIFFERENT from your mindset in Jan 2020?

  • Change from thinking and talking – to actually doing!
  • Change from paying for a course to investing in yourself!
  • Change from procrastination to taking a stand!

Here’s the problem

2021 is going to be the same as 2020 – we still have the Covid-19, and more new strains of it, more complete lockdowns, and more bad news.  The only upside is, we’re (hopefully) better prepared now. 

But what will be a huge differentiator will be how we approach this year – how we perceive what lies ahead, and if we’re actually going to DO something about it.

Everything is in our minds, and if we do right, we can veer towards execution – be optimistic & take a decision, not because the calendar changed, and you don’t back down because it got hard – you are content and peaceful because you “know” you’re going to crush it either way!

So, with that said, let’s each of us make our own 2021 a year where we shift our mindset and make stuff happen – not just talk about making stuff happen. 

Let’s be as excited on June 30th and Sep 17th as much as we were on January 4th!



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