New Year Resolution 2021

Ace Your 2021 New Year Fitness Resolution

Ace Your 2021 New Year Fitness Resolution

Aah, what a year 2020 has been??

We’ve finally entered 2021 and it’s time to think about making our fitness resolutions, if you already haven’t. Now’s the perfect time to reset your old habits and make positive changes in your life!

Especially after the ‘bingeing” at the Christmas and New Year parties, I’m sure many of us realize that something needs to change.  Adopting a healthier lifestyle, move more, lose some weight, and generally flushing out all the “good stuff” we ate and drank over the year-end holidays.  And it is these guilty feelings that send thousands of us into the gyms and sign up for fitness classes – did you know millions of “self-help” books are bought in January alone?

All good, yes? Well, No.

80% of New Year Resolutions are discarded by the second week of February – as most of these “highs” only last just over six weeks – quite a depressing statistic!

So how do you set a New Year’s Resolution and stick to it?

Well, the good news is – and yes there is good news – we’re here to help! 

We’ve designed a quick 4-part list to help you set realistic goals and actually stick to them – keep on reading, and let’s make 2021 your best year yet! 

1. Find the Right Motive

Losing weight and getting fit requires more than just a new member joining fee and some new kit – we’ve all been guilty of this.  And this is why, going on a diet and joining a gym are the most-broken resolutions there are.

Your WHY is more important than just good intentions!  We need the right goals, and the right mindset, and the right reasons for taking up a new program.

While many see some tangible results immediately, it takes time, motivation, and action for that to happen.  And most eventually get disheartened if they don’t drop a ton of weight in two weeks or four!

Instead – try focusing on why you started, and how all the positive changes you’re making are enhancing your life.  The healthier habits, the discipline, the additional activity, how your clothes fit – all go a long way to make your fat loss sustainable in the long-term.  And they contribute to you feeling fitter, happier, and better about yourself.

2. Set the Right Goal

Goals as they say are plans with deadlines – this holds true.  And (as I usually say) anything without a deadline, never gets done!

Zeroing in on a single event or a deadline always gives some the focus we need to succeed.  A goal with a firm and specific timeline, a non-negotiable, non-moveable date – can give you the right amount of push to get things done.

These goals can be big or small, extremely personal or part of a larger group – but try to avoid setting a goal because of competition – it can eventually decrease your chances of success & end up damaging your self-esteem!

3. Buddy Up!

Social Support is one of the largest contributors to success in most fields.  In fitness too, having a training partner helps to keep you on the ball, have company in the gym, makes meal prep and sticking to the right foods easier (if this is your spouse), and avoiding temptation to “fall off the wagon” is lower.  

Meeting like-minded people on a similar journey helps keep you sane, reaffirming your goals, and encouraging each other gives you far more chances to succeed.

Just make sure you’ve got a companion, and not a competitor!

While a little friendly competition can help push you on to do more, measuring your progress against someone else’s can seriously affect your chances of success, especially if that person is seeing better/faster results than you – avoid such demotivation.

4. Celebrate Your Wins!

To be in the 20% of New Year Resolutions – i.e. continuing beyond mid-February – you have to keep monitoring your progress and giving yourself credit wherever due!

All the work when it comes to Fitness – making commitments to yourself, the exercise, the diet control and staying the course can be difficult.

Motivation can also wear off – so try and find ways to reward and celebrate your regular wins – just don’t reward yourself with a full blown weekend long party, as this mentality usually leads to failure. 

In diet, as with everything else, moderation is key!! 

In conclusion, always remember how far you’ve come, by keeping a regular record of your progress.  Setbacks are part of the process and even the best feel low, and stagnate some of the time.  My point being, Rome wasn’t built in a day – cliched, but true!

In just a few months, you’ll be amazed at how much progress you’ve made, and whenever you feel low, just go back and look at our own records.

Cheers to 2021 – our best year ever!!!

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