Ashutosh Pathak

Start Weight : 71 KG

Week 16 : 63 KG

My relationship with exercising and staying fit was an on-and-off one. I never found sustained motivation to exercise regularly and stay healthy. I started gaining unhealthy weight, losing stamina and was in a really bad space with my body. But now, after being with Alpha Coach for the past 4 months, I am discovering a brand new me, all over again. It’s truly awesome!

I’m now down over 9 kgs down and at my leanest since college – and we’re still going strong!

Getting on board the Alpha Coach platform has been the best investment I have ever made in myself. I am witnessing a tremendous positive impact on my body and mind.

I think the best effect of this journey has been the crazy impact it has had on my mental state – my confidence is at an all time high, my social life was never better and my happiness index is probably off the charts. I am so full of energy throughout the day that it freaks out some of the people around me (laughs).

The fat loss, muscle gain and the physique that I have got is, I must say, a by-product of this amazing mental transformation I am experiencing. 

The mindset change I had towards my approach on training and nutrition after working with Alpha Coach was tremendous. From someone who used to find excuses for not exercising, I transformed to being someone who extremely focused on my end results and ruthlessly consistent.