Chandni Parekh

Start Weight : 68 KG
Week 14 : 63 KG

After having a child 2 years back, life seemed chaotic as everyday is different when your child is growing.

Signing up for the AlphaCoach program has helped me bring back a sense of structure and systems back into my life. Following a fitness regime has fast become an anchor in my day and helped me become more aware about my activity through the day.  Being fit is definitely helping me a lot in my daily life, as I am now able to easily match up with the energy level which my growing son needs, and i am also able to focus on my own goals and life.

The Alpha Coach experience has literally given me my life back! Not only do I feel stronger physically, but I am much tougher mentally. I feel so much more confident about the way I look and am absolutely comfortable in my body.

All I’d say is “Trust the process.” It’s scientifically designed and gets the very best out of you. If you’d met me a few months back and asked me to eat a salad for lunch, I’d have sued you for kidding with me. And now, I am actively making these choices, while still enjoying life to the fullest. This is what and where every single person should aspire to be!

My Coach is heavily invested in my success and that feeling drives me to achieve my targets and goals – he has now helped me lose over 6 kgs in the last 4 months and we’re now focusing on leaning down even more!

When people say, “Hey you look good,” I feel like adding “And I feel terrific as well!” – all thanks to the wonderful team at Alpha Coach for guiding me to where I am.