Hemang Parekh

Start Weight : 86 KG
Week 20 : 75 KG

Like everyone else in Mumbai, I was also living a stressful life. Though health and fitness are important, they would always take a back seat cause of work and other priorities. When the lockdown started, Ketan mentioned to me about the Alpha coach programme.

It sounded like something I could easy manage to do from home, during the lockdown, and the results are phenomenal. I am down over 11 kgs and lost over 7 inches on my waist in 4 months.

Being on a transformation journey is challenging – the journey needs to inspire you and motivate you every single day to stay on track and be honest with yourself and your goals.  At Alpha Coach, I have experienced first-hand that powerful systems that makes this process fun, and extremely satisfying.

The best part of being in this program is the level of accountability that is brought into the system via my Coach – this makes staying true to the program and my goals that much easier.

Anyone who has joined a coaching program is apprehensive of big changes. It’s extremely difficult to change old habits. But the Five Point Star System at Alpha Coach is so well designed that you’d never realize when you’ve discarded your old habits and started newer, healthier ones.