Sujith S Thampi

Body-weight change : 97kg to 82kgs

Time : 24 Weeks

Sujith has tried multiple fitness programs before – from online programs to having his own personal trainer. However he always struggled to keep off the weight has lost. This time over he approached he journey differently. Instead of getting on a diet template from day 1, Sujith started working on building sustainable healthy habits, one habit at a time, week over week.

He started strength training at home with a few pairs of dumbbells. Once he started seeing results, he got addicted to the process. Over the next few months he added a bench, a squat rack, barbell and plates to his garage gym. In 6 months he lost 15kgs of bodyweight, got stronger than ever and more importantly, he is keeping off the weight he has lost.

These days, his neighbors call him the ‘Most Transformed Man of the Street’. Not only has he made fitness a life-style he is also inspiring others to follow his path. However, he feels that he has just started and is now stepping into the ‘Muscle Building Phase’ of his program.