Vishnu Kumar

Body-weight : 83 KG
Week 16 : 72 KG

Vishnu was struggling with his weight for months due to erratic work hours and his habit of regularly eating out. Being a Senior Engineer with BHEL, his job required him to be on his feet whole day. He is also a motorcycling enthusiast who goes for long rides regularly. Vishnu decided to hop on the program, when he realized that his lower back was giving away due to excess bodyweight and he was having trouble standing for long hours and going for long rides on his motorcycle.

He started his journey at 83kgs and dropped his weight down to 72kgs in a matter of 16 weeks. He says that he never felt like he was on a diet, thorough out the program. He says that the biggest learning he had from being on the program was building appetite awareness and being conscious about how full he is, all the time.