The people behind the scenes at Alpha Coach share the vision, values and culture of our Founders. We have built and live by the Five Point Star system – comprising the Mission, Mindset, Methods, Movement and Momentum!

We’re driven by the idea that our best work is born out of a deep desire to help you Lose Weight, Become Stronger and Get into the Best Shape Your Lives – we do this through detailed planning, enabling consistent execution and keeping you accountable every step of the way, whilst making your journey enjoyable!

The Team at Alpha Coach is a bunch of smiling, happy people, who work hard to help you on your path to a successful transformation – we believe in fundamental fitness programs that work and solving problems by looking at them on the back of detailed information and from different perspectives.


Ketan Mavinkurve

Founder and CEO

Vishnu Venugopal

Co-founder and Product Head


Deepa Kenny

Senior Nutritionist

Sanjana Arora


Amit Yadav


Marilyn Pereira

Manager – Admin & Accounting

Ketan Mavinkurve

Ketan Mavinkurve is the Founder and CEO of Alpha Coach.

He is a Chartered Accountant, who has had a rich 18-year career in Financial Services in Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Ernst & Young, and Berggruen Holdings, where he was involved in private equity deals for the past 15 years.

Prior to founding Alpha Coach, Ketan also co-founded AKRO Fitness, a boutique personal training studio in Mumbai, one of the most notable brands in the personal training space in the country.

He’s a fitness enthusiast, and having struggling with his own fitness for over a decade – due to lack of knowledge and proper guidance – he has now dedicated his time and efforts to create businesses designed to positively impact people’s health and fitness, and to help them create long-term sustainable lifestyle solutions.

He is always challenging the status quo, seeking to break barriers, and blasting through ceilings we set for own personal growth. “Everyone has the right and obligation to be fit, strong and healthy” Ketan says – with Alpha Coach, he has created a global platform to allow everyone to achieve their health goals!

He also walks the talk in terms of taking action and execution, and takes his own fitness very seriously. He truly believes that “Everyone can go out and get what they want, no matter how hard it seems – they just need to want it badly enough!”.


Vishnu Venugopal

Vishnu Venugopal is the co-founder and product head of Alpha Coach.

He is a fitness coach based in Mumbai with close to 10 years of coaching experience and has worked with over 1000 trainees. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). He is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Sports Nutritionist form K11 School of Fitness Sciences. Prior to co-founding Alpha Coach, he co-founded United Strength Gym at Juhu, and is still involved in its operations.

Before moving into the fitness industry, he worked as a senior analyst at Accenture as a fresh engineering graduate. He specializes in working with busy professionals who want to get in shape and build sustainable healthy habits. In 2012-13, Vishnu completed his SYB Business Program at SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai. Ever since, he has worked as a consultant and product lead in multiple start-ups in Edu-Tech, Fitness-Consulting, and Corporate Fitness Management.

Deepa Kenny

Deepa joins Alpha Coach as the Senior Nutritionist.

She is a certified Nutritionist and has done her Bachelor’s degree in Applied Nutrition from SNDT University, Mumbai.  In her 5 years of practice, she has transformed many people across the globe into healthy individuals by helping them work on their eating choices and create sustainable changes to their lifestyle.

Having suffered by obesity and hormonal imbalance, she wishes to educate, help and motivate people to live a better, balanced and healthier life through nurturing of food.

“Food is not your enemy. It’s your friend” says Nutritionist Deepa, something she realized when she started working on her own health.  In simple words she is not only qualified but also has been there and done that.

She feels market is loaded with quick fixes, myths and fad diets, and it’s time we become educated and be able to differentiate the right from the wrong by learning how to feed your body well.

With Alpha Coach, she’s confident in making you fall in love with taking care of yourself!

Sanjana Arora

Sanjana Arora is a Certified Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer who specialises in nutrition consultations, exercise science, and dietary education. After undergoing through a massive fat-loss-transformation herself, she’s committed to assist people looking to lose fat, deal with chronic diseases, gain muscle, and much more in their fitness journey.

She believes in combining her personal experience and knowledge of fitness sciences to get her clients not only reach their goal, but also to make the process easy to understand and simple to execute for her clients.  She understands the importance of knowing things, that’s why she makes sure she educates my clients with the right knowledge, help them set realistic goals, and stay the course.

One ideology she stands by is “Give your clients they need, not what they want!”

Amit Yadav

Amit has done his International certification from Golds Gym Fitness Institute in Advance Personal Training and Special Population.

He has specialised in Posture Correction, Functional Training, Strength Training, HIIT, Mobility Training, Body & Balance, Animal Flow, Movement and Flexibility.

Before he moved to pursue his passion in Fitness, he worked in financial services with ICICI Bank.

While professionally interested in fitness for the past 11 years, he has grown up being a sportsman as a child winning various athletic events, including playing basketball at the State Level.

His goal is to understand the psychology of a person regarding their needs and design holistic fitness programs which they enjoy and follow religiously, in order to lead healthy, fit and positive lifestyles.

Marilyn Pereira

Marilyn has joined Alpha Coach as Manager – Admin & Accounting. 

She has handled similar roles at 2 previous organizations, the last one being at AKRO Fitness, a venture founded by our CEO, Ketan.

She is a commerce graduate and prior to choosing accounting & administration as her profession, she has have worked in sales and customer service roles.