Technology and Artificial Intelligence provide in-depth analysis, automate routine repetitive tasks and helps us become significantly more productive in our daily lives. So we’ve brought this truly transformative technology into the arena of Personal Training, and created an intuitive platform that gives members a truly immersive coaching experience.

Analysing and tracking every aspect of your training and nutrition is the key to making truly personalised programs that would fit your needs and deliver you the results you want. The Alpha Coach proprietary tech assists coaches in creating a roadmap of your entire transformation journey, so that every small detail and every single target achieved is mapped, tracked, and analysed while staying true to the “big picture.”


Whether it’s our comprehensive dashboards that track every little detail of your progress (including via third party integrated wearables), or our PING chat messenger, our coaches always have a 360-degree view of your progress. Our tech is designed to analyse every piece of information so that we can further enhance results via progress and compliance tracking.


When the routine tasks are taken care of, members and coaches can connect more deeply. Your coach is able to guide effectively on your journey by keeping track of every little aspect of your progress. With advanced analytics, we’re able to see your progress and your journey in depth – this helps us assist you in ways that were previously unimagined.


Your programs seamlessly fit into your daily life – train anywhere and anytime! The app contains everything you need to hit your daily training, nutrition and step goals. You’re also able to see exactly where you stand on your journey so far and how much further you need to go – better information yields better results!

The clean, clutter-free and user-friendly app interface for clients has a robust and advanced backend engine that uses user activity data (integrated from wearables) and provides comprehensive analysis and insights to the coaches so they know what and how each of the trainees is doing.

Ease of Use

Using industry-leading UX/UI solutions, we have created an easy-to-use app interface that helps you to stay true to your program while giving you feedback on your progress.

Customized Training & Nutrition Plans

Custom Training and Nutrition plans are loaded on to app by Coaches, and you’ll be prompted to complete your Daily Success Checklists to make sure you nail your daily goals.

Conversations come to Life with Ping Messenger

The intuitive and powerful chat option allows trainers and trainees to connect, share critical information and transmit media making sure that you have access to your coach.

Monitoring Your Success

Easily upload your weight, measurements, progress photos and exercise form videos to the app straight from your phone – both you and your Coach therefore get a clear (visual and numerical) insight of the transformation your body is undergoing across a time-line.

Guiding you on Every Step

Your Coach needs all the right data points and analysis to help you along the way – our technology provides deep insights to your Coach across parameters so they can adjust programs to help you stay the course, and consistently making progress.

Best-in-class Fitness Technology

The Alpha Coach technology enables the Coach to analyse every aspect of training, nutrition and lifestyle of members, helping them make informed, calculated changes ensuring best results. Meanwhile the trainee will have everything he need to do communicated in a clear format and tracked with ease.