At Alpha Coach, we know that you want to get in shape and not be on a permanent “diet” for the rest of your life! However, in order to achieve that you need to not just lose fat, but learn to keep it off as well. The problem is that in most cases trainees feel lost and helpless after having tried multiple diets and training programs and assume that their goals are not reachable.

We believe everyone has the right to have the energy and the physique that they’ve dreamt of, and no one should ever be deprived of optimal health. We understand it’s difficult and sometimes confusing, and that’s why we have built Alpha Coach – an Online Personal Training Program that’s designed to be simple to follow, flexible, cost-effective, and purely results-focused!


Most people fail to get lean because they don’t track their calories correctly (therefore most often, not actually eating in a calorie deficit). Your body is unique – so we deep-dive into your current dietary habits and suggest positive and targeted changes built around long-term habits that are aligned to ensure that you hit your goals.

Dietary changes are prescribed based on your body, metabolism, and your daily routine. Your Coach then curates a comprehensive menu for you with a variety of food options to choose from at each meal and then uses proprietary technology to control the 2 main factors – Compliance and Tracking.

Gautam Mallick

“I have been to two Nutritionists before, but didn’t like their approach. It was straight from internet with no consideration on the issues that I had. I wanted to build healthy habits and didn’t want to go through the cycle of regaining all the weight lost. Coach understood my health issues and worked on a custom plan which worked wonders. I have already lost 6 kgs in 60 days, built a few strong habits and now I am greedy and want to see six pack abs sometime soon”

What kind of Clients may not do well with Online Personal Training?

What most people do is look for quick fixes, a crash diet program to lose unearthly amounts of weight in a short period of time. If you’re one of them, this is not for you. Then again if you’re after that magic pill that helps simply dissolve fat, then we are not the right choice for you. Lastly, if you need someone to motivate you every day to get ready for a workout, then Online Coaching might not be the best choice for you.

The problem with a band-aid approach to training and nutrition is that you will get back to where you started as soon as you are off the program and all the hard-work you have put in will go in vain. With low to mediocre results at best, which you can’t keep for long, you’ll get de-motivated and lose faith in the process eventually. Don’t let this happen to you!

If you want to see true lifelong results, you’re going to need self-motivation and discipline to be able to get the most value out of our Online Coaching. We’ll provide you with all necessary tools, of course – the training, the exact meal plans, the structure, direction, support, automation and accountability. But YOU will still need to mentally commit to the process, send us your check-ins, and do what has been laid out for you.

At Alpha Coach, we help empower you to take ownership of your own health and fitness, and build bulletproof health habits – this is the core of our programs, process and essentially our consistently great results.


Singularly focusing on your end result

When you team up with us, you get more than just a personal trainer – you get a Coach and Mentor that truly cares! We become part of your vision and your journey – so while you put in the work each day, we’re always there by your side every step of the way, making sure you never lose sight of your end result.


Bringing about Change

All the information around training and nutrition that you need to know to get in shape is available for free on the internet. However, knowledge does not change behaviour, actions do!

The truth is – change is hard. Most people fail not because they missed out on that minute piece of information about ‘fasted cardio’ or ‘apple-cider vinegar’ – they fail because they cannot accept the fact that it is hard to make big changes.

When we try making big changes in habits, we are usually tinkering with behaviours that have become second nature to us. For example, sitting around at home the whole day on your laptop or watching TV is a behaviour that has become automatic – do you think it would be easy to swap that for a 5km run in the evening every day?

The bigger the change we’re trying to bring about, the more it saps our self-control. Asking someone whose staple diet is Indian to avoid carbohydrates completely is a big change. The greater the demand for self-control, the more we are exhausting the mental muscles needed – to think creatively, to focus, to inhibit impulses, and to persist in the face of frustration or failure.

In other words, we’re exhausting our mental muscles needed to make a big change!

Playing the Long Game

Over years of coaching hundreds of trainees, we’ve realised that people need to be phased into making big lifestyle changes. We need to build a foundation on which the changes you make can sustain.

This is why at Alpha Coach, we believe in our trainees experiencing the benefits of ‘Playing the Long Game’.

We don’t sell usual 12-week transformation plans or 6-week summer shreds, but take our trainees through a 6-12-18 month process, which finally gets them out of the rut, and gets them into shape once and for all. Many of our trainees come out as skilled as our Coaches and will never need to get on another fad diet ever in their lifetime.


Phase 1: The Reset

This “Reset” Phase, usually the first 4-6 weeks of your program, helps you develop the essential building blocks of sustainable habits such as appetite awareness, improving sleep quality, make exercise an enjoyable habit, in addition to building skills such as reading food labels and healthy grocery shopping.

While introducing new habits into your routine, your Coach will always be watching you to ensure compliance and accountability, thereby ensuring that these new habits are ingrained into your daily routines for life.

Most members see some fat loss here due to a change towards healthier habits – but the objective of this phase is to act as a primer to optimize fat loss in the months to come.

Phase 2: The Shred

This is where it begins to get really exciting!

We begin creating a meaningful deficit in your diet to fast-track the fat-loss process. Depending on how much fat you need to lose and your current lifestyle and stress levels, we approach this phase in two different ways:

If you work in a low-stress environment, get enough sleep, and can afford to keep as much time for your fitness and nutrition goals – a focused 10-12 week cut will be a great option. This is a highly motivating phase as you will get to see your scale moving fast, and can expect to see 2–4kgs weight loss every month!

If however, you work in a high-stress environment or you are someone who has developed an unhealthy relationship with food/dieting, then we recommend a slower sustainable process. Yes, we still count calories, but in this phase we would look at this more as an extension of the Reset with more focus on your compliance, and how you are feeling overall at all points in time. This phase typically lasts 12-20 weeks, depending on how much fat you need to lose.

Phase 3: Safeguard

This is usually a 4-week phase where we bring you back up to maintenance levels on all fronts (building up calories, lowering the cardio, and maintaining training). This is one of the most critical phases to avoid the yo-yo effect and going back to gaining all the fat you lost in the Shred phase.

We focus primarily on nutrition quality and keep a close watch on your body weight and other metrics during this phase. Maintaining the new body weight can be challenging and this is where our coaches work closely with you to sustain the gains you have made.

Phase 4: Muscle Building

After the habit phase, active dieting and maintenance phases, you will realize that you do not look your favourite movie star who did a 12-week transformation. Atleast not yet!

Why’s that? Because, you probably do not carry adequate muscle mass!

Muscle building is far more difficult than fat-loss and requires patience. But investing into this phase will mean that you can carry more weight, eat more food, and look and feel significantly bigger and stronger than before.

This is a relatively easier phase in terms of nutrition as we put clients on a calorie surplus, slowly increasing them week after week with a strong emphasis on nutrition quality.

The training is where all the magic happens in this phase. Instead of focusing on the scale, we pay more attention to your training lifts and hitting progressive overload with perfect form.

This Muscle Building phase can go as long as you want, as long as you’re putting on too much fat in the process. The minimum timeframe for this phase should be 20-24 weeks and clients can also look to build quality over a longer term – up to 2 years in one go, with strategically placed 3-4 week “mini cuts” to keep the fat percentage tidy.

Phase 5: Shred 2.0

This is where you take the final step towards your transformation. By now, you have built some quality muscle to the frame and you are starting this phase at a decent fat percentage level. This final cut will be tough, but you are now equipped with the skills to do it right.

This is typically a 10-12 week phase where you could envision getting into the best shape of your life. During this time, clients will see incredible changes with their body responding far better, and will have better muscle quantity and maturity.

Post this you will do another 4 week reverse diet, slowly getting your calories back to maintenance and focusing on a balanced lifestyle. We continue to assess your foundational habits, and move to a well-balanced flexible eating regime.

Phase 6: Alpha Living

This is where you achieve self-mastery over your lives and are in lifelong maintenance – all on autopilot. You’re are so well entrenched into your new habits of optimal healthy living, that you automatically make responsible choices about your lifestyles, have a healthy relationship with food, and bear a strong connection with training and being active in your daily life. Fitness is now a top priority in your life, just as it in ours!

In this phase, you focus on making continuous improvements, and give back by motivating others around you to take up the journey, and passing on your learning.